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From sensory issues 🧠, to focus and emotional regulation challenges, digestion issues, and trouble sleeping ➡️ better sleep and emotional regulation to improved digestion. He has gone from non-verbal to saying GO and he is asking for what he wants. He is getting more out of his other therapies and progressing much faster than before.
Nathan C.

Arm numbness, sleepless nights, restless legs, vertigo and dizziness are just a few things we were able to help Autumn with. So glad for good friends and referrals to connect us so that we were able to help her heal with Chiropractic.

Autumn H.

Meet our amazing patient Erin! She has done and continues to do amazing under care in our office. Low back and knee pain. Better sleep and mobility are all benefits of neurologically based Chiropractic care. She has noticed an immense improvement in her daily life, is sleeping better and is moving much better as well.

Erin D.

Neck pain and hip pain were just two of the things she wanted us to focus on. She was not able to walk long distances without her low back and hips bothering her.
Today her hip and neck are improved and she is walking her entire subdivision. She no longer needs to use her arthritis medication and her blood pressure is normal for the first time in 15 years.
Lauri M.

Meet Patrick and Rose! They have been and are doing awesome under care in our office. We are excited for them and happy to be able to take care of them!

Patrick and Rose C.

Check out this fun testimonial video Dr Henry did with two of our awesome patients!

Brooke M.

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