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About First Steps Chiropractic

First Steps Chiropractic was founded in 2018 and is located in Hadyen, ID. We focus on Neuro-Tonal Chiropractic and Torque Release Technique (TRT). We specialize in pediatric and pregnancy Chiropractic, but thats not all! We also take care of Adults! 


Helping others connect with what matters most


Improving the health of future generations

Core Values

Ownership Taking ownership of your life and your health

Communication: Be honest, transparent and thorough

Fun: Creating fun in everything we do

Service: Taking the extra step

Education: Gaining clarity and understanding through education

Empower: Building others up because we believe in them


Pediatric Chiropractic

We work with kids of all ages. It is important to have their nervous system checked because they are continually growing and developing. If there are areas where their nervous system is not functioning properly then this can impact their health. We help kids not only with slips, trips and falls but also things like: asthma, allergies, sinus infections, digsetive issues, energy and sleep. These are just a few but when their nervous system is functioning like it should be they grow up healthy and develop properly.


Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy chirorpactic is one of our specialties. We take care of pregnant mommas before during and after pregnancy. We are certified in teh Webster Technique which focuses on improving the biomechanics of the pelvis. This makes sure you and baby are ready when its go time. It has been shown to reduce labor pain and time 40%-60%. Interested in Webster Technique? Learn more.


General Chiropractic

We do tae care of Adults also! Our technique is helpful for people with headaches, neck pain, as well as low back pain.

Customized Care

Custom Care Planning for Your Specific Goals

Each person in our office gets a custom care plan based on your goals for care. These care plans are vital to the success of our patients. This is something we go through after the Exam and Insight Scans.

Adjustments Per Year

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Dr. Henry


Dr. Henry Kornegay is a neurologically based chiropractor in Hayden, Idaho with First Steps Chiropractic. He has a special focus on pregnancy, pediatrics and family specific chiropractic care. He graduated with a degree in Biology from Gonzaga University and went to Chiropractic college at Life West in the San Francisco Bay area.



Debbie practiced as a certified massage therapist in California for 20 years. Additionally she was a certified midwife, childbirth educator and newborn care instructor. She incorporated prenatal body work into her Midwifery practice and also enjoyed educating her community in regards to health. In addition to being a childbirth educator and newborn care instructor she has also been trained in infant massage. Debbie continues to train in various massage and body work modalities to accommodate each client’s personal needs.


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